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Wednesday, 8 April 2014 4:27

Hermes Kelly Wallets

Immediately slip cut the top card (selected card) to center - onto the face-up 3-spot. Bernard ^Bilis Four-Ace Foregone Remove the four aces from the deck, and place the face-down deck onto the table. Explain that when you place that coin into your left hand you really retain it in your right hand. Hermes Kelly Wallets. As you talk - "There are four of these pieces of film; each one has a 'pinhole' at its center. If the upper surface of the thumb-palmed coin, the surface you can see, is heads then the one on your left palm is displayed tail-side up. Explain that you will snap your fingers and, as you do, each selection will jump out of the deck - one to your right and one to your left. Hermes Kelly Wallets.

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