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Hermes Purse San Francisco

I think that the Black Jack set-up is one of the best gambling-demonstration set-ups there is. All right; it's Peter's way of secretly obtaining a double bight in your left hand that makes this different - and good. Now - simultaneously, lap the two left-hand coins and let the two right-hand, Classic-Palmed, coins fall from Classic Palm onto the single loose coin (which is resting on your fingers) so that the sound of these coins "arriving" covers the sound of the two left-hand coins falling into your lap. Hermes Purse San Francisco. As you pick up card #1 to demonstrate the above, it is transferred to your left hand as your left hand comes out of your pocket with the "load" coin. Your attention is on the box (base) itself as you turn it bottom up and move it to a position approximately eight inches from the table edge. To end: As you start to say the following, both hands move alternately, sliding the three coins (one at a time, but rapidly) from upper left back to a horizontal row at center. Hermes Purse San Francisco.

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