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Thursday, 8 January 2014 23:32

Hermes Zip Leather Wallet

Russ does come up with unique handlings, and it's his handling within this routine that makes it different, in my opinion. Place the case aside and hold the deck in your left hand, in "normal" dealing position. You can, incidentally, start to separate some cards in the fan before you take the selection from the spectator. Hermes Zip Leather Wallet. Although - it can probably stand alone as a fast effect, or it can be used as the opening move of a Spellbound or copper/silver routine. The count of the three cards - two face up and one face down - is good; done correctly, it leads to a quite startling "vanish. All it really is is a Hindu Shuffle, except that your left hand takes the small batches from the bottom of the deck instead of from the top! Hermes Zip Leather Wallet.

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