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Prada Bag Limited Edition

The A-4 retained the A-3's basic structure; however, the newer version's FuG 16 radio resulted in the addition of a ventral antenna mast on top of the A-4's vertical stabilizer. Further outboard is the fabric covered aileron and its ground adjustable trim tab. These tasks include drug interdiction, anti-smuggling patrols, and surveillance and protection of the environment. Prada Bag Limited Edition. The upper cooler intake also fed air into the R-2600-20 engine's twin carburetors, which sent air and fuel into the engine cylinders for combustion. The main instrument panel has been removed from an F-105 to reveal the rudder pedals riding on a steel bar alongside the cockpit floor. The conversion involved the installation of 17' cathedral fins and changing the carriage lugs to fit the F-86 drop tank pylon. Prada Bag Limited Edition.

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